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An Evening with Birds of Prey

The charity event began when I set my tools and table between two Gyr Falcons. This was my first “live sculpt” with a subject that gets restless after fifteen minutes.

My long held impression that the Peregrine Falcon was the fastest animal on earth at 220 mph in a dive from hundreds of feet in the air was altered in February. In the early 70’s, my friend from the Army was a falconer who invited me to watch his Peregrine in an open field. After that I was convinced that the Peregrine Falcon was the fastest creature on earth.The caretakers at Natures Educators brought new truth to my long held belief. Tonight I learned that the Gyr Falcon is 60% faster at 380 miles per hour, and much larger in size.

DSCN3755               DSCN3795

While I sculpted these magnificent birds, I felt respect as I stood arm length apart from one on the right and another on my left side. The gallery’s collectors and guests talked to me as I kept my eye on the clay and these powerful birds – a test of my ability to focus and respond.

My first big response came when I quickly stepped back away as one bird rapidly flapped his wings to stretch. I heard the wind, felt the thrashing air against my chest, and I gained respect for these powerful birds. While my purpose was to entertain the gallery guests as I formed my interpretation, the Gyr Falcon actually captured more attention with their quick wing flapping and strong talons. Their mere presence in the art gallery drew people as close as they dared. Awe was the word of the evening as people moved carefully throughout the gallery to view the next magnificent raptor.

The kids were in awe as they watched wide-eyed from just feet away for the first time in their life.Four months later, I’m still in awe!

Proceeds from the sales that night supported Nature’s Educators mission to rehabilitate these wounded animals, return them to the wild when possible and educate the public.

This work is still in progress. The first collector to purchase will get to name the finished work, and select their edition number.

Settle for More…Imagine a World Without Hate

Leading the Way bronze sculpture by errol Beauchamp



I was invited to participate in the Anti Defamation League’s Mountain States Region fall fundraiser. Artworks ADL: Justice, Advocacy and Art event incorporating the theme “Imagine a World Without Hate”.

Their theme drew me back to my childhood and my most recent sculpture “Leading the Way”. I began writing my artist statement as I remembered my first memorable experience with the natural world.




Theme:  Imagine a World Without Hate
My work “Leading the Way” refers to leaders who establish boundaries and lead others as they protect those who cannot defend themselves.
The scissortail flycatcher, part of the Kingbird family is easily identified by their exceptionally long tail feathers and sharp midair twist and turns. After pairing up, both males and females defend their territory and nest with amazing aerial chases and attacks on larger red tailed hawks, turkey vultures, crows and blue jays. By watching these entertaining acrobats and listening to their melodic voices, their true natural behavior becomes evident. I first observed these unusual birds as a five year old, and continue to be mesmerized.  Through leadership, observation and awareness, we can “Imagine a World Without Hate”.

That evening on November 12, 2013, The Anti-Defamation League honored the Quiat family for it’s five generations of dedication to civil rights. In honor of the late Gerald Quiat,  former Regional Board Chair and National Commissioner of ADL, the Quiat family announced they will underwrite the cost of sending high school students in the Mountain States Region to join the Anti-Defamation League’s Youth Leadership Mission. Their generous investment in ADL will enable a culturally and religiously diverse group of high school students to join other youth from across the country as they explore the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC.

I was honored that night as I learned that Melinda Quiat, daughter of  Gerald, had selected my work “Leading the Way” to inspire her everyday in her home.

Leading the Way sculpture by Errol Beauchamp

Errol Beauchamp has been selected for the Florence Biennale 2011

I’m honored to be included in this prestigious international event honoring the arts, and those who support and create the world’s centers of culture. The opportunity to share my life’s influences, experiences as an artist, and passion with artist and collectors from countries that I’ve yet to visit, will define my personal growth.

The international jury of Contemporary Art Critics, Curators and Historians selected artists from 70 countries to reflect the Biennale’s official partner, the United Nations, with their program “Dialogue Among Civilizations”. The Biennale has the patronage of the President of the Italian Republic and the European Parliament. The mayor of Florence attended the 2009 Opening Ceremony, and ambassadors and dignitaries from many countries reviewed the Historical Parade by the city of Florence.

Established artists who have received the career award “Lorenzo il Magnifico” include Chen Cheng-Hsiung, David Hockney, Christo and Jeanne-Claude. The Biennale will be held December 3-11, 2011, with the city of Florence embracing art enthusiasts with public art installations throughout the city. Recognition from the prestigious Florence Biennale enhances many mid career artist around the world.


Errol Beauchamp featured in the book “Sculpture of the Rockies”

Cover image of "Sculpture of the Rockis"“Errol Beauchamp’s mission is perhaps one of the most unique in abstract sculpture today. Through his work, he aims to create a window that looks out from the architectural world people live in to one that reveals the contrasting forms, details and surprises of our natural environment, and helps the viewer enjoy the beauty that exists therein.”

Layne Vanover,
Freelance Writer and Fine Art EditorSculpture of the Rockies, from the editors of Southwest Art



An invitation from the editors of Southwest Art magazine, to be included in their first hard bound book was a career defining moment. After submitting three images of my work, I learned that my first large outdoor installation was selected to be featured. The book created a conversational interview about my inspiration, challenges and surprises working on the commissioned six foot sculpture for a business park in Westminster, Colorado. “Embracing the Stream” was now in print.

Two book signing at Saks Gallery in Denver, and Evergreen Fine Art Gallery captured large crowds and overwhelming responses. Art collectors and enthusiast came from Hawaii, Orlando and across Colorado. One supporter did make a difference in bringing awareness to my fine art career.

Errol Beauchamp Feature in Sculpture of the Rockies book