Flight Dream

Dimensions 32”H x 17”W x 32”D
Medium  Bronze on Wood
Edition: 96

Available as large outdoor sculpture by commission.


Flight Dream may be our wildest dream ever. This is the dream where we dare to do the impossible. Sometimes it’s the day dream we have when our eyes are closed, doing the things we’ve never imagined when our eyes are open wide.

It’s when I want to surprise myself with that moment of Flight Dream, when I can do extraodinary things. The image of the scissortail bird flying through the chair is possible because the bird is focused on home., represented by the nest on the chair seat. This is where basic values are placed, guarded and where male and female are both very comfortable with themselves. Giving ourselves permission to try and then do it has more power to change our future than anything we’ve accomplished before.


Breaking Through to Nesting Grounds


Residential and corporate interior spaces.

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