The Artist

Errol Beauchamp is regarded for his passion in natural forms. The lines in rock formations and the flow of moving water have a deep connection to the changing lines of the human body in motion, and a bird in flight. His passion is to find truth in all natural forms and to build a bridge of understanding that focuses on the details.

Beauchamp is a highly stylized bronze sculptor, who carves the clay with passion. The passion to create lines of undulating motion that emphasizes primordial forms and earthy textures, and the elegance and sensuality of the female figure. He also creates dynamic forms through layering clay before carving it to allow the natural architectural forms to counter the man-made marks. Working with stainless steel, he strives to find the simplest forms to express a concept’s essence.

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Art has the power to add beauty to spaces, transforming them into ones unique from any other. It can shape the richness of our environments and how we feel and connect in them.

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