I’m honored to be included in this prestigious international event honoring the arts, and those who support and create the world’s centers of culture. The opportunity to share my life’s influences, experiences as an artist, and passion with artist and collectors from countries that I’ve yet to visit, will define my personal growth.

The international jury of Contemporary Art Critics, Curators and Historians selected artists from 70 countries to reflect the Biennale’s official partner, the United Nations, with their program “Dialogue Among Civilizations”. The Biennale has the patronage of the President of the Italian Republic and the European Parliament. The mayor of Florence attended the 2009 Opening Ceremony, and ambassadors and dignitaries from many countries reviewed the Historical Parade by the city of Florence.

Established artists who have received the career award “Lorenzo il Magnifico” include Chen Cheng-Hsiung, David Hockney, Christo and Jeanne-Claude. The Biennale will be held December 3-11, 2011, with the city of Florence embracing art enthusiasts with public art installations throughout the city. Recognition from the prestigious Florence Biennale enhances many mid career artist around the world.